Inventory Management using BudgetERP

Product Category and Brands
You can set if the product in this category is Serviceable or not.
You can alos easily deactivate category or brand.
Pricing Category
You could manage multiple slabs of pricing such as Purchase Price, Dealer Price, Transfer Price, Sales Price, etc.
This would be useful for Sales and Quotation, when you need to assign a special price for a customer.
Manage pricing structure, image for quotations, related products, set if it needs Serial Numbers to manage inventory, etc.
It also has a rich text editor, which allows html description for your products.
Purchase Orders
Manage multiple purchase orders and also product returns back to the supplier.
Purchase Orders could be tracked with GRN or Goods Receipt Note.
Goods Receipts
Add product to inventory based on pending Purchase Orders.
Could set defective product, serial numbers or change price for the product.
Stock Adjustments
Product Inventory could be adjusted using stock adjustment.
Stock could be added or deducted from any of your branches.
Warehouse Transfer
Product could be transferred from one branch or location or warehouse to another.
This inventory is tracked by the system, when the transfers are made.

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  1. how to fill price category

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