How to manage Follow Up Details for executives?

Menu Link:
Enquiry -> Follow Up List

This list / report is for executives who can view their own follow up and unscheduled enquiries. Executive can Set Schedule, Update an Follow Up, Create Quotation from this report.


1. Search for follow ups based on Date range, Follow up Status, Enquiry Status and keyword.

2. Following actions can be done from this list. Some actions may not be available depending upon the enquiry status and follow up status.

Set Schedule (How to Set Schedule for an enquiry?),
Update Follow Up (How to update Follow Up?),
Go to Quotation (How to create Quotation?).


The color of Scheduled Date says something about the follow up.

Green – Follow Up is not due in another 5 days.
Yellow – Follow Up is due in another due days.
Blue – Follow Up is completed and updated with feed back.
Red – Follow Up is not closed and scheduled date is crossed.